Sessions – Charlie Wise in Mauritius

In this video Charlie Wise surpasses the mythical One Eye wave just before sunset in search of perfect conditions and none in the water. I leave you to his words:

“I went out at about 4pm and as I was kiting out it seemed everyone was coming in, they had made the wise decision to kite in before they had to swim once the wind died at around 5. There was still a bit of swell hanging around, and the water was super glassy and perfect with a cross offshore wind. Was definitely one of the funnest sunset sessions I’ve ever had… especially having it to myself.”

[from AirushKiteboarding YT channel]

The Duotone Kiteboarding Ozdyssey

“The vast expanse of Western OZ, endless beaches and dirt, coastline roads that stretch as far as the eye can see. Four of the best wave kitesurfers were on a mission to discover the wave of their dreams, get the shot and avoid close calls with kanga-roos at all costs..”

Duotone Kiteboarding YT channel