How to spice up your foiling “Roll tack”

How to spice up your foiling “Roll tack”

This tutorial, Steven Akkersdijk, will show you how to spice up your “Roll tack” when hydrofoiling. It’s the perfect next step if you can already do a tack or roll tack and want to take it to the next level.

[from Steven Akkersdijk YT channel]

How to pack your kite: 3 ways

In this video, Sam Light shows us three different techniques for packing your kite:

  • How to quickly pack your kite. Useful when we are on the beach and we need to get away quickly;
  • How to pack it normally. The classic way after each session.
  • How to pack it very small as they do in the factory or almost. When we’re getting ready for a trip and don’t want to pay extra baggage 🙂

[from Sam Light YT channel]

How to setup your stance

Craig Cunningham out in Cape Hatteras as he talks through the different stance options and why he has moved from a wide stance to a thin stance over the years. What makes a difference with different boards and other styles of riding. If you try different stance options you will find out which once is the most comfortable for you on the water!

At the end of the video a very simple method to understand what is your stance from which to start..

[from Duotone Kiteboarding YT channel]