Foil America: A Visual Journey by Luke McGillewie

Have you ever seen a lake, a river, a lagoon on the side of the road and thought “I bet I could kitesurf here”?

Luke McGillewie brings our imagination to life and tackles some of the most “unusual spots” in the heart of America. Breathtaking colors and landscapes in total solitude accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack ..

[from Liquid Force Kiteboarding YT channel]

Kevin de Smidt Stormchase

“North-West Europe experienced a full gale storm this week. The weather agencies adviced to stay indoors, with winds speeds exceeding 140 km/h, wreaking havoc in the UK and the Netherlands.. But some people just live for these conditions.

Watch how Kevin de Smidt chased the storm around the coast of South-Holland: Through the peak of the storm at the Maasvlakte to the aftermath at Scheveningen, in the search of his moment of silence.”

[from The Stoke Farm YT channel]