“The dream of flying is older than mankind itself. This video is about a group of people who changed the way we look at flying kites by flying with them instead.
Shot on location in Cape Town, South Arica where the formula is simple. Strong winds and massive waves equate to big air!”

[from DUOTONE Kiteboarding YT channel]


Let’s go back 10 years to enjoy the king of freestyle and precursor of wakestyle sir Aaron Hadlow..
A video that made history thanks to the protagonist and the visionary videomaker Andy Gordon who shows us a truly exceptional editing!

[from AaronHadlow YT channel]

The Duotone Kiteboarding Ozdyssey

“The vast expanse of Western OZ, endless beaches and dirt, coastline roads that stretch as far as the eye can see. Four of the best wave kitesurfers were on a mission to discover the wave of their dreams, get the shot and avoid close calls with kanga-roos at all costs..”

Duotone Kiteboarding YT channel