Time-lapse video with GoPro Hero 2 and a IKEA Timer

Very easy to do but time consuming of course, not post-production but watching that timer rotate :) The timer is from IKEA (Article: ORDNING), really cheap and works great! Swedish design but like almost everything nowadays made in China :) The timer rotates a full 360 degree when set to 1 hour.


Have a look at this short yet inspiring video picturing Stefan Spiessberger, a rider from Austria talking about his life as a professional kiteboarder.
“Kiteboarding changed my life – from riding my bike to my homespot in Austria every single day to traveling around the world and enjoying the most beautiful spots for Kiteboarding all year long. When I did my first turns on a Kiteboard, I knew that this was something special – freedom, nature and a fast progression made this sport my biggest passion. But there was one thing that I didn’t expect in first place – to make a profession out of my hobby. Being able to live that live still feels like a dream to me!”