Top Hat Surfs on a Alaia surfboard from Obeche Boards while flying his EH Ripper. Strapless, Finless, Rockerless… The board is waxed with Jimbo’s Surf Company wax made on a wood burning stove. Thanks to Corn Doggy Dog & the 1/2 pound for the good clean filth…


Airton Cozzolino and Kai Lenny

After winning the 2011 Kitesurf Wave World Championship, Airton Cozzolino has set another goal for himself. This time young, ambitious rider from Cabo Verde is trying to make his way to the top in SUP championships. He is doing it with the help of three-time Stand Up Paddling World Champion, Kai Lenny. In the first episode of a series, Airton arrives in Hawaii and starts to gain confidence on Maui’s big waves.

A Weekend With Dioneia Vieira

Meet Dioneia Vieira, young Brazilian kitesurfer. In this film you can experience her regular weekend with a lot of training and some awesome partying with friends. Spots pictured in this edit are lagoons around Cumbuco.

“I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.” – Dioneia Vieira