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Vice 2011 – Fluid Kiteboarding.

Fluid Kiteboarding Vice 2011 Push the limits in high performance kiting.
Push the limits in high performance kiting.
The generation 2 Vice is the hardcore freestyler in the range, riders looking to push the limits in competition riding, handle pass, powerful kite loops and slider action. The unique design of the Vice along with the fifth line support provides an incredibly direct feel, reducing the movement in the kite giving a powerful constant pull through loops and turns.

The Vice also has a higher depower option enabling intermediate riders to get into the latest high end freestyle. The fifth line has been setup as the ultimate safety in 5 line kites, making the Vice a great training device for competitions and progressive riders.

The Vice give’s you maximum pop, fast turning, extreme lift, unmatched stability but also giving the rider more than just a C, a kite that will make it possible for intermediate riders to get the most performance out of the kite without feeling like they have taken on something they can’t handle due to the depower options, safety system, easy relaunch and reverse relaunch.

– 5th line with Y split
– 3 Speed settings Fast – Slow (steeringline)
– 3 Powersettings (frontline)
– Extreme pop
– Fast turning
– Extreme lift
– unmatched stability
– XXL Single Inflation/Deflation

Those who’ve tested it, are the ones riding it.

Check out all the details http://www.fluidkiteboarding.com
Fluid kiteboarding. Loop it, slide it, style it, pass it.