Cabrinha Nomad 2010

The kite everyone is talking about…
Introducing the all new Nomad IDS freestyle wave kite from Cabrinha.

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This non-bow hybrid IDS kite combines the best of both worlds…a moderate C shaped arc and an IDS bridle to deliver our fastest turning kite yet. The Nomad creates the type of kite turns that increase in power throughout the turning arc by pivoting off of the wing tip. This makes for powered kite loops unlike anything on the market.
The Nomad IDS comes with two distinct tuning options. The freeride bridle setting is aimed squarely at the professional freestyle rider and is balanced to fly perfectly while unhooked. This setting is ideal for intermediate to pro level freestyle tricks or unhooked surfing.
The wave bridle setting allows a great level of depower for hooked in surfing. The fast turning speed of the Nomad combined with its quick and short depower throw, make for a finely tuned, predictable surfing kite like no other.

– IDS Bridle – 6 struts
– Non-bow hybrid – Absolute depower
– Powerdrive IDS – Sprint
– Tuning options – Ultra bomb canopy
– Improved LE seam
– Sizes: 4.0, 5.5, 7.0, 9., 11.0, 13.0

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IDS 2010
The all new Powerdrive IDS control system has been redesigned from the bottom up to accommodate many new features while making it easier to use. The result is our most refined and evolved control system to date.

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Windsurf Wave Master 09

1 Francisco Porcella (Drops)
2 Andrea Rosati (NISSAN Neil Pryde)
3 Gian Mario Pischedda (Fanatic)
4 Emanuel Argiolas (RRD) / Gabriele Serra (Naish)
6 Matteo Spanu (Fanatic)
7 Renato Vitale (NISSAN Tabou)
8 Andrea DeCesaris (NISSAN 99 surboards)
9 Federico LaCroce (Naish)
10 Michele Cerribelli (Gillo)
11 Alessandro Martinelli (NISSAN)
12 Emanuele Virdis (O’No? surfshop)

Nissan Sport Adventure Capo del Capo
Kitesurf Wave Master 09

1 Enrico Giordano (Slingshot)
2 Lorenzo Giovannelli (Slingshot)
3 Marco Baiocchi (North Kite)
4 Salvatore Fenu (Advance)
5 GianLuca Marcis (Advence)
6 Davide Calatri (North Kite)
7 Pietro Pacitto (Slingshot)
8 Pietro Fazioli (RRD)
9 Gabriele Antonetti (North Kite)
10 Alessandro Tabak (Slingshot)

Nissan Sport Adventure Capo del Capo
la Sfida – Capo del Capo 09

1 Lorenzo Giovannelli (Slingshot)
2 Marco Baiocchi (North Kite)
3 Francisco Porcella (Drops)
4 Andrea Rosati (NISSAN Neil Pryde)
5 Enrico Giordano (Slingshot)
6 Gabriele Serra (Naish)
7 Salvatore Fenu (Advance)
8 Emanuel Argiolas (RRD)